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The Irish Red and White Setter (IRWS) is not only a beautiful breed, but it is also characterized by a cheerful nature, endless joy of life and focused work stamina. It is a persistent and enthusiastic "worker", as long as his master allows to develop its potential. This breed can be also a great family dog suitable for children, they will be your faithful and enthusiastic companion and will make even the saddest days more pleasant. Welcome to our world of IRWS!

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We are planning our first litter of IRWS puppies in autumn 2023. The parents will be our breeding dogs Darby and Rhiannon. They excellently complement each other as far as character and exterior appearance is concerned. Both dogs , Darby and Rhiannon ,repeatedly prove their qualities at dog shows, as well as at working competitions where they have achieved extraordinary results and are the most successful IRWS in Slovakia, both at shows and at work . They have undergone all necessary tests for any risky genetic predispositions, including those that are not required for breeding in Slovakia.