The Kennel

We love Irish Red and White Setters and want to preserve and promote in breeding the best which makes this breed so special. Our breeding dogs are not only show champions, but also achieve extraordinary results when working in the field - at Field Trials competitions in Slovakia and abroad. At the same time, they have a friendly "sentry" nature and are also great family dogs with a positive attitude toward children. They are medically tested for all high-risk genetic diseases.
Why the name Yggdrasil Runner

Runner – relates to the IRWS’s natural joy of movement and run.

Yggdrasil – Tree of Life – it expresses harmony, balance and wholeness. And that is what I would like to achieve in the breeding of IRWS – harmony of body and mind – i.e. puppies that will be healthy, beautiful in appearance and also smart during training and work:

  • HEALTH – first of all after healthy parents, fairly tested for all high-risk genetic diseases (not only mandatory for  dog breeding  in Slovakia) and with joint examination.
  • BEAUTIFUL  EXTERIOR IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE  BREED STANDARDS – not only beacuse of participating in exhibitions, but mainly due to respect and love for the breed, to support its preservation in the form we love 
  • CLEVER AND SKILLFUL – with the right setter- like determination and potential, whether for “natural” work in the field (dog sport Field Trial, hunting trials) or for  any other activities in which the dog must cooperate with an owner (e.g. canicross, nose working, canisterapia)