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About Us

Welcome and let us to introduce you to the Irish Red and White Setter breed and to our kennel.

I got acquainted with the first Irish Red and White Setter (IRWS) back in 2014 – a female dog, Beatrice. It was love at first sight.
The more information and experience I gained about IRWS, thanks to her, the more I loved this little- known breed. And as I assisted Beatrice at the birth of her puppies, and became so devoted that my destiny completely changed. My very first IRWS was one of her puppies, the dog called Darby. With him in my life, I got hooked by this wonderful breed forever.

Thanks to Darby, I started getting to know the world of breeding, dog shows, but also work in the fields for which these dogs had been originally bred. I got to know the beautiful dog sport called Field Trial which allows you to develop the natural working potential of setters without being a hunter or go on "real" hunts. It is such a wonderful experience to watch how much joy and fulfillment dogs can experience in this sport.

That is why I want to pay attention to the selection of such parents in breeding, to enable to fully develop that potential in the pups. I also want IRWS to be gorgeous dogs, not only as great family companions or beautiful dogs for exhibitions, but also as dogs suitable for this sport, with the potential to compete with other breeds or dogs from the surrounding countries.