♂ stud dog


Best show IRWS in Slovakia 2017-2019 (slovakiadogcup.sk) / #1 Best Field Trial dog of SKPS 2021 / #2 Best Field Trial dog of SKPS 2022 Best working IRWS in Slovakia 2019-2021 / International beauty champion C.I.B. / International show champion C.I.E. / Slovak Grand champion / Slovak show champion / Club Winner 2019 / 12x CAC / 13x CACIB / 12x Best of Breed / 3x Best of Opposite Sex / Victory Winner – Champion of Champions 2019 / Crufts qualification 2020


HD – B, ED – 0/0
CLAD – Clear N/N
PRA rcd1: Clear N/N
PRA rcd4: Clear N/N
VW – hereditary free
full dentition, scissor bite
COI (8 gen.): 7,2 %


Field Trial Champion (Hungary)

International CACIT Field Trials:
2x CACIT, 2x CACT, 2x Res.CACIT, 3x Res.CACT, 7x Excellent, 7x Very Good
National CACT Field Trials:
1x CACT, 3x Excellent, 4x Very Good
CACT Hunting Ability Test:
1x CACT, 1x Res.CACT
T.A.N. – passed
FCI Working Class Certificate


Darby is a beautiful dog. He has a standard male head and an athletic body structure. He can surprise you with his speed, ease of movement and focused working commitment. He is determined and persistent in what is asked of him. He is also a most devoted and loving family dog. He is gentle, tender, and very friendly with children. In addition, Darby has several legendary IRWS in his pedigree, whose legacy we respectfully strive to develop.